We are talking about those ‘new normal’ contents that everyone shares in the social media. We will talk about how this content brings the site traffic up and creates a loyal audience over time.

For example, let your site’s standard visit be 500 users per day, and suppose you have reached 10 thousand users in a day with a viral content you send. Let’s assume that after reaching 10 thousand users, you will register visitors on a daily basis and reach at the standard of around 1500; with one content, you have tripled the number of your standard users. This is called a viral bump.

How does it happen?

You start with a piece of content, the content does a good job, then your social media followers increase, therefore when you send another post, that post reaches more people. When the people who share your viral content in their accounts receive likes, it is seen by more people, and those who see it say “I follow this site, I am curious about their new works”, and they are subscribed and they check it daily. This is the basis of the 1500 number that we gave hypothetically. Likewise, when you get popular in this way, your traffic that will come from the search engines will also increase. If we look at the Google example, since a visitor logged into Chrome or Google visits your site, the Chrome experience is personalized according to this, this allows you to deliver more of your content.

But on the other hand, there are contents that are shared thousands of times but do not interact properly. Therefore you cannot reach that hypothetic 1500 number. What can you do to reach it?

It is not very important that you produce excellent contents. You should produce content that address to a specific target that we call niche. For example, a site full of contents of only meeting (yes, appointment/dating), or sites where people exhibit woodworking (joinery) products that they produce themselves and where you can receive information on preparation and product are called niche. For this, you do not need to know exactly what your target audience wants.  It is enough for you to know the effects that will create positive feedback in your niche. For example, if you answer the request of “I wish there was a service that could integrate into the YouTube application on the phone, convert a certain part of the videos to GIF or WEBM (video), and share it on Whatsapp without bothering :(“, you can address to a large audience. You should empathize with your user and estimate his/her needs.

Remember that a user might be unaware of his/her needs until you say it.

Therefore, you should check the equivalent works in your domain, be inspired and select your user profile accurately.

We said empathy!

For example, today, most of the traffic comes from mobile devices. So it is very important that the mobile version works properly. It’s not just responsive design, but the mobile experience has to be separated from the desktop. The user should not use the mobile application in a way as he/she uses the site on the desktop. You need to know the things that will detract the users. A “follow us on Facebook” request, which dark background and without on/off button on the upper-right hand corner, may result in a contradicting way. Your viral content may have any effects just because of this. Be hand in glove with your community, and solve their problems. If you do not have a community, create it. This community does not need to include hundreds of thousands of people, even there is a hundred people, if you have loyal users, your works will be easier.

And the final…

You should send such viral contents at regular intervals. By this way, you can prove that you are not one hit wonder, and you can keep people who come for your contents of this kind and take advantage of your other contents without disappointing them. An updated medium will allow the user to feel at home. And then let the Likes and Shares come.

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