yfyi_gorsel_4Hello from Draper U where you meet many like-minded entrepreneurs! When WebGazer was invited to Draper Heroes Training program, we were very excited about this program and we found what we look for. Draper U creates an ecosystem in the Silicon Valley with its alumni and network of respected professionals in startup world from Facebook to Tesla. We have met with successful entrepreneurs from startup founders to industry professional who are kind enough to walk through our ideas, give feedbacks just to the point. Hero Training Program is designed in a way that gives you the resources to grow a startup, starting from an idea and evolving into an executable business model. The speakers from a diverse background give you the key to success. What we learned here is, your team, your drive and passion is as important as your idea. If you have the passion and persistence, it is just a matter of time to get invested. It does not mean that it will be quick but just hang on to your passion and do not let your dreams go. The important thing is to execute, execute and execute! Do not wait for an investment to start working on your idea.yfyi_gorsel_2
Draper U has a dense program where you need to attend lectures, workshops up to 12 hours a day or you need to quickly develop an idea to a business model, build an MVP in a two-day hackathon. You have to be quick in order to plan your resources wisely and execute efficiently just like what you need to do with your startup. It is been great to be a part of this program in Silicon Valley. We had the opportunity to create our network, get connected to mentors and advisors. We now are aligned with the mindset in the Valley and we are fueled with gusto and enthusiasm.
We thank to YFYI, ODTU TEKNOKENT, Draper University and its alumni for giving this chance to evolve to a better version of us and get ready to execute with success, through dense mentoring and precious resources on the way.
yfyi_gorsel_3As the final remark, do not wait to get noticed, dig deep to get connected to professionals in your industry, you can do it. Just do it.
If you are interested in being an entrepreneur in progress in Draper University for 5-7 weeks, application for Fall‘17 is open at Draper U.

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