Today’s article is from Summer 2017 Draper University Hello Training graduate Sarp Bilecen, who is co-founder of YFYİ Start-up, Seyisco.
Here you can find his entrepreneurial journey and thoughts about the program.

Before anything else Draper University allows you to understand how San Francisco
and the startup ecosystem really works, not just in theory but in practice as well. Right away
after you step into the building they send you to negotiate various deals around the city to
get acquainted with the atmosphere. Every week there are challenges that require you to sell
negotiate or interact with strangers. The main idea is simple, acquire customers but what
they are teaching us here is far more than that, they show us how to get creative with every
process and problem we encounter, how to break the system and progress with failure until
we reach success.
While talking about San Francisco or more specifically San Mateo in this case, we
have to mention the difference of ecosystems as well, we come from the Turkish startup
ecosystem but compared to that the global growth you can acquire here is really immense
as opposed to what we had thought of in our initial steps to the United States. Draper
University has not only shown us ways to open the doors, it has also shown us the bigger
Speaking of doors, one major advantage of being sent to Draper University in
Seyisco’s case was the customer acquisition process. We no longer need to make phone
calls, send dozens of followup mails in order to get one meeting with the director of public
works of some turkish county. Here in California, you can even walk into the mayor’s office
without any pre-determined meeting time and ask to speak to him. You will get declined in
the first few tries, but determination has a way of opening the doors to success here
whereas back home, the security would be so strong you wouldn’t even be able to step in.
All in all, Seyisco improved vastly within this experience. The investments we are out
on the lookout for has changed to fit our real needs. We know now that we have a global
market worth tens of billions of dollars. Not every improvement we had was about business,
even the incorporation of machine learning in our servers have taken constructive input over
our visit to here. Our designs have become much more user friendly.
Finally I can’t finish this without mentioning the mentoring support Seyisco got here.
Each and every person/company is assigned a specific mentor that helps them develop their
ideas beyond the stage which they began the program with. Ours helped us greatly with
reaching out to users, gaining traction and user friendliness along with introductions for the
next step, including investors and late stage accelerators.
If you are currently developing your idea this path is one of the best choices you have
in front of you, YFYI will help set your idea up, validate your business and if you are
prepared will even get your real customers, DU will take all that and turn you into a machine.
As Seyisco, after going through these processes, we are ready to expand to new markets.

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