They do not know what they are doing out there but you determine their future with what you do, says Mertcan Gül, who is in Draper University Hero Training program. In today’s article you will find an inside info about Hero Training Program from Mertcan Gül’s perspective.
Hero Training Program of Draper University started on June 18th and we are working from 9.00am and to 22.00pm every day. Also, we are heavily involved in entrepreneurship trainings from both investors and accelerators and from companies like IBM, Adobe, Instagram and Tesla. We are learning what the entrepreneur needs to do, leadership and teamwork, and what we need to do to become a Unicorn in this training, as well as the delicacy of continuing our way in a stronger. In fact, if we take a broad look at these trainings, we can divide them into two main themes. First one is how to become an individual entrepreneur.yfyi_gorsel_2
In fact, when a simple idea turns into a billion-dollar company, it creates the most effective individual talents. A personality that is strong, hardworking, never giving up and emits a constant positive energy around it always carries the idea of entrepreneurship forward. It is not because it likes business idea but because it is willing to be bought by customers, so it is only possible to work with a person who works and speaks out to customers. If we need to collect what we have in the framework of trainings that develop individual people under the headings; we can say leadership, motivation, solution and customer oriented work. It needs to be a strong leader if you are one of the co-founders who wants to set up a billion dollar company. For this reason, each of us is the leader in all the trainings we receive, and we manage our team, and at the end of the day we get feedback on the leadership we are doing. Motivation is the biggest factor that enables the team to work day and night without stopping is that the co-founder has to focus on success by publishing positive energy around failures and failures. In the solution-oriented and customer-focused work, the product you produce does not seem like awesome for co-founders but it is a product that solves the problem of the customer and thus will buy and make you money. So you are not among the initiatives that make a product that looks great and does not make money.
The second main topic we learned at Draper University is on how we should be as a team. Here we are talking about team motivation, how teams work together and how to deal with any problems. At first we need to be a strong, hard-working, never-giving team that applies to what we have to do individually. Teams with these qualities are highly motivated and they heartily believe that there is nothing they cannot do with this motivation. It is important that every competency of the team is complementary to each other. Just like puzzle pieces.The important thing is not to try to encounter few problems but to struggle as much as to solve these problems and make a deduction from each one. So the experience is constantly getting stronger and the power to solve problems is increasing.
Hero Training and YFYİ program really accelerates the idea and team that each and every entrepreneur has to participate in, has developed and continues to develop the Restearn team a lot. Therefore many thanks to YFYİ, T-JUMP, ODTU TEKNOKENT and Draper University for this opportunity. After these programs we become a team that believes, it has a potential to be better and the best even in the American market.

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