Entrepreneurship was underestimated by many people until this era as a concept. It seemed as a job for people who cannot find a ‘real’ job. However, this perception is changing day by day because most of people started to realize the importance of entrepreneurship. They are now aware of entrepreneurs’ contributions to country’s economy, which makes entrepreneurs very important for all of us. Still, the definition of entrepreneur is not so clear, and there are some question marks in people’s mind: ‘Who is entrepreneur?’ or ‘How can I be an entrepreneur?’.

Some thinks entrepreneur is a person who creates big companies and runs them. Some thinks entrepreneurs must be inventor; they, firstly, need to invent something and make money with that product. If you are creative enough to find the product that society is looking for and make money with that, you can have your own big company. I cannot say these ideas are totally wrong, but I can say these are missing. Unsurprisingly, the possibility of that is very small and it refers only one person can be an entrepreneur in a million whereas society needs many.yfyi_gorsel_2

Everybody may want to discover America again, but sometimes, discovering China may be better for you. In other words, being copycat entrepreneur can be more useful than being creative one. As I implied before, you do not have to invent something to be an entrepreneur. You can implement other successful businesses and shape yours by watching them. It is not too wrong or unusual thing. If you look at stores while walking in the streets, you can see many successful and unsuccessful examples for copycat entrepreneurial attempts. While unsuccessful attempts are just copying others, successful ones are modeling others’ businesses. Modeling them is so beneficial and has very advantageous. Basically, you can save your money and time, but you should not forget that each business is unique, so you should add your parameters to be successful. For example, you can change your price strategy while keeping others constant.

It should be known that it is never late to be an entrepreneur although you are working in a company as an employee. Of course, resign is an option to be an entrepreneur, but there is another option to do entrepreneurial activity in a company: intrapreneurship. Intrapreneur is the one in a company that takes risks and puts effort to solve specific problem. In that context, intrapreneurs are the entrepreneurs of their companies. While societies need entrepreneurs, companies need intrapreneurs because intrapreneurs help companies to survive with their innovative skills. If we think most of companies pass away before 15 years in this era, their contributions are very valuable. Intrapreneurs make companies lives longer with their innovative works.yfyi_gorsel_1

You do not have to get lots of money to be a successful entrepreneur. You can run your business to help your society, your culture or your environment, and you can be a social entrepreneur. Spending money for others rather than yourself is the main distinction between normal entrepreneurship and social entrepreneurship. However, you do not have to donate huge amount of money or make too complex expenses. Giving scholarship to a couple of college students with the money you earned from your own business makes you social entrepreneur.

Finally, I can say that being entrepreneur is easier than you think. You can be entrepreneur by selling a bottle of water to car drivers or you can call yourself entrepreneur, if you have your own area to sell clothes in bazaar. In fact, you do not have to sell something to be an entrepreneur. For example, you can run your own business by telling your customers’ fortunes after drinking a cup of Turkish coffee. As you can see, all businesses are unique and you can define entrepreneurship separately for each of them. That’s why, I like this definition: ‘Entrepreneur is a person who sets up their own business by…’. This definition is open ended and you can finish the sentence freely by watching your business.

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