The word ‘’start-up’’ nowadays seems to be the most extravagant and eye-catching word in the world of technology, a word with fashionable flair in the real sense of the word. It is defined as ‘’the action or process of starting up something, especially a new business’’. Most people use it to mean “a new, fledging business enterprise’’, but the word used for this notion in Turkish should exactly identify its meaning and philosophy, so that it can be all-embracing.

blog_4Then let us do a simulation. Everybody should light a match and design his or her specific definition of start-up until the match has burnt out. If you have managed to find out a suitable definition in such a short time, you are on the right path. Now do the same simulation for your business idea and try to explain it in the best way possible until the match burns out. If, again in such a short time, you can make a good representation, this indicates that you are full of faith and determination as far as the idea flourishing in your mind is concerned.

If you have an idea you are confident in, if you are ready, and resolved, to face any challenge on the path leading to the realisation of your idea and if you have the power to be reborn from your ashes like a Phoenix after a probable collapse, then you should proceed in your path without stopping.

Many people in the sector say that start-up is closely associated with the age, size, turnover and stability of an enterprise.

blog_5Considering the Silicon Valley as the place where the notion of start-up first emerged, the third question to be raised is this: Should a start-up inevitably be always in the field of technology? Not necessarily. It is a fact that, parallel to the increased internet penetration and an ever-increasing usage of smart devices all over the world, start-ups do also use technology, but they should not necessarily be associated with technology.

I personally think of enterprise as the Globe and a start-up as the universe. In fact, start-up is a great power that fills the gaps in the system. Enterprise and our ability to channel innovative ideas into new horizons is the most powerful aspect in feasibility studies. In this sense, let us dare to make an original definition of what a start-up is: ‘’Infinite Innovation’’ 🙂

Turkey has become a global brand in many fields! However, this applies to certain fields, such as tourism and textile sector where we have the upper hand. It is a fact that our system “all inclusive’’ has become very popular. Being recognised in certain sectors is important, but what is most important is the recognition in, and popularity of, certain products or brands. The first and key step towards this end is creating awareness in the general public, so that the significance of global branding is widely embraced by great masses of people. We must ensure that all our fellow citizens actively take part in this process. It is a path where we should persistently go ahead with short, middle and long term planning, also ensuring the participation of broad masses.

blog_1If we can raise and educate individuals who have a sound knowledge of our country, history and culture, and also protect the brand marks we develop in our country, we take the first step towards clearing the first hurdle in this endeavour. In the basic educational system our children as individuals who will build up our future should be raised as conscious persons who are well aware of the branding as a general concept. It would be a win and a great step forward if we can equip them with the culture to prefer Turkish brands in products they consume.

I, as Özgür Aksuna, try to pursue a professional path towards building my personal brand. If, in fact, everybody can manage to live like an individual brand, he or she can develop himself or herself in the business world and in this way we can be more successful. For new starts, and especially for new start-ups, we should have an idea that can be transformed into a brand, have faith in our idea, work hard and never give up. As far as start-ups are concerned, from social media to the benefits of virtual world, from pr studies to creating a showcase, every detail is an indispensable part of the whole.

Every morning the world wakes up to a new life where the ideas are woken up to new horizons.
Let you have a dream, a dream that will carry you into the future, into the land of your fantasies. Every morning you have two options: either you wake up and get into motion to realise your dreams or you continue to wind up the clock to help others realise their own dreams… the choice is up to you.

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