In this article, we had a chance to talk with Ramadan Sardar, who has established ARES Inovasyon by T-BİGG program, which is a TÜBİTAK Support Program for young entrepreneurs.

You can learn his entrepreneurship journey, and many others in the below interview.

Q1. Could you please tell us a little bit about yourself and your company?

A1. In my whole life, I was keen on technology and computers. At the university, I decided to make my career on software development. During my programming period, I had developed many desktop and web applications as freelancer and worked for several companies.

After having above 10 years of corporate experience, I decided to be an entrepreneur and I started to work for my product with a public support. The idea appeared by itself as seeing the occupational health and security mechanism, reports and the occupational security accidents.

When I spoke with experts and the customers, they were in need of a product that will help them to make more standard and fault-free reports and also increase the total quality of occupational health and security.

I decided to create an artificial intelligence base and put the occupational health and security management system on it to

increase the quality in all aspects. So, I saw the opportunity and gave up other works, then completely focused on this project. Me and my team are still working on the project.

Q2. What you have achieved so far?

A2. In almost 8 months, more than 60% of the product has been developed and soon SMART OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH AND SECURITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM will be released completely. There are many companies and experts are waiting for our product to be released.

Q3. What are your mid and long term plans? İn terms of your team and your expansion?

A3. In the mid-term, we aim to dominate Turkish market and then aim to enter the international market. As we are developing our product internationally, we will be able to reach the foreign customers and manage to solve their problems.

As a software development company, we have the capability of scaling our software very fast. We know that occupational health and security management software will become more and more popular globally.

In this aspect, this is obvious that AI will be the most popular base of the industry. As for the long term plans, after developing an AI base of occupational health and security management system, we will improve our base for almost all standards  to increase their quality.

With a mature and innovative AI technology, we think we will hold a great chance to make a fast start in different regions.

Q4. How YFYİ contributed to your success?

A4. Our team will enter YFYİ this year and we believe we will success. We believe in that YFYİ will help us introducing new connections and develop a network as well.

Q5. Your advices to future entrepreneurs?

A5. First of all, all entrepreneurs need to explore the product market well. The idea may be good but makes no sense, if the market does not need such a product, then you may fail. Follow lean approach. This prevents you to waste of your resources.

After developing your idea, try to get feedbacks from the market rapidly, and if the feedbacks are good, then just move on, else not. Do not hesitate to pivot your idea.

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