Recently, the report published by Turkey Technology Transfer Accelerator ( under the headline of “Entrepreneurship and Technology Commercialization Report 2016: Global Trends and a Special View on Turkey” has attracted considerable interest. We have compiled the points that are important to us and have to be featured about our report which you can reach the English original at the address of (

The report begins by giving some information about the current state of the startup ecosystem in the world. The success of the newly established organizations in creating employment is truly incredible. In the US and Europe, newly established enterprises become the vital part of the economy by making significant contributions to the employment. In addition, the startup centers around the world become increasingly interconnected with one another, and new organizations begin their lives with a more international perspective. Of the top 10 centers in the world, 6 are in the US, 1 in the UK, 1 in Israel, 1 in Germany, and 1 in Singapore. It’s not hard to guess that Silicon Valley is, of course, the best one based on many criteria.

Another important detail is that entrepreneurship becomes more and more prestigious and achieves a high-status place in the world. While this situation excites us as YFYİ participants and at the same time, it makes us very happy. However, women’s participation in entrepreneurship at the global level is weak, which makes us very sad. According to a research by McKinsey, if women participate more widely and more equally in entrepreneurship, we can add 12 trillion dollars more to the world economy by 2025.

If we look at entrepreneurship specific to Turkey, we can say the following. As of 2015, the share of R&D separated from the total budget has exceeded 1%. It is even planned to increase this ratio to 3% in 2023. There are also significant increases in the number of scientific publications and patent applications. Another situation is that Turkey is ranked on the 36th row among 137 countries according to the global entrepreneurial index report. And at the same time, Turkey is in the back row in respect of women’s entrepreneurship. We are on the 20th row in terms of economic size, and for that reason these figures did not satisfy us at all.

According to the report, Turkey has a significant number and size of pre-incubators, incubators, accelerators, investors and investment networks. It is also exciting that there are centers that serve at the international level.

The investor ecosystem is developing, but it is still not at the desired level. For example; in 2015, in Europe, around 1600 deals (we can say an investment contracts) were carried out, and 15 billion dollars were spent for these deals. That is to say, for example, $10 million was provided per investment. We do not know what the equivalent figure is in Turkey, however, we estimate it is at the level of a few 10 thousand dollars.

It is observed that the support of the public funds and the public sector in kind and in cash for entrepreneurship is increasing. However, we believe that it is already high time to focus on quality rather than quantity. Our media, unfortunately, gives very little importance to entrepreneurship, and only several of the corporate companies are engaged in entrepreneurship-specific studies.

Before I end my article, we would like to thank Duygu Öktem, Doğan Taşkent and Deniz Bayhan for this report which contributes to the development of the ecosystem.

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