While we have very severe winter conditions nowadays, we have compiled the best books of the 2016 for the entrepreneurs who locked themselves in the houses because of the cold and snowy days. We wish these books to guide you as you take your initiatives to the next level.

newsimageTim Ferriss, Tools of Titans: Tim Ferriss, an entrepreneur and strategy expert, compiled more than 200 interviews that he made in the last two years for his podcast show ‘The Tim Ferriss Show’ in his book. The book, which examines the tactics, routines and habits of the worldwide famous experts, was listed as the favorite book by the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal. This is a useful resource in order to get rid of the wrongs you know to be correct, while you shape your New Year decisions.

Dan Lynos, Disrupted: The book narrates a career-building adventure of a famous and successful journalist, who was fired from work abruptly and begin to work as a marketer in a startup (Boston-based, Hubspot). The angry story of Lynos about his rise and fall in Hubspot reveals the startup world, the differences in viewpoints between the company founders and the funders, how bad ideas are evaluated wrongly and rewarded by investors, people’s tough bargaining on intellectual property rights and the effort to turn it into money.


Neil Patel, Hustle: The book, among the bestsellers of the New York Times, lists what you need to do step-by-step in order to realize your dreams getting rid of the monotonous (9: 00-18: 00) lifestyle. The power you need to be the patron of your own business is in this book! Patel strengthens your self-confidence by ranking the tools that will help you realize what your favorite job is, and motivates you in a way to take control of your life. It is a very useful reference book for reorganizing your life, adding momentum, money and meaning to your life. newsimage3Daymond John, The Power of Broke: In The Power of Broke, one of the prominent books of 2016, Daymond John explains why building your own business with a limited budget can be your greatest competitive advantage and how brands, companies and startups can achieve success, fame and gain without any funds. Based on the experience from his own life, John argues that a limited budget pushes entrepreneurs to think more creatively, they give more importance to their customers and better identify their requests, needs and expectations, and gives the entrepreneur an opportunity to present his ideas more creatively.

Phil Knight, Shoe Dog: In this book, which is also included in Bill Gate’s book recommendations for 2016, Phil Knight starkly tells his entrepreneurial story and how he established the world brand Nike. The risks Knight has taken in his entrepreneurial adventure, bottom-outs, effort to survive in the violent competitive environment, and non-cooperative attitudes of the investors are not far from the challenges the today’s startups face.

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