Undoubtedly, recruitment is one of the most important problems of the startups having problems such as funding, technology development and sales. Because if you cannot create a team that works well and has an entrepreneurial spirit, you probably cannot be successful!

We can say that the most challenging tasks of co-founders is creating this team.

So, how do we make this challenging task easier?

1. Spare time and focus.

Almost all of the co-founders do not give due importance to recruitment processes making excuses for not having time, and they conclude or try to conclude the processes in a short time. However, after a good entrepreneurial company vision and market/product alignment issues, a good team should be created. Yes, there is always a lot of work to do and it will continue to happen. The main thing is to create a team that can complete these tasks in the most effective way. The recruitment process cannot be outsourced, therefore it is necessary to spare a ‘real’ time and make interviews fastidiously with each candidate for each position. Especially the first 10 employees you will recruit are very important in terms of the formation of your team, the placement of the mission and your growth.

2. Know well what you are looking for!

Speaking of time, you will also need time to learn the tasks of the employee you are looking for and to teach him the job. Yes, the recruitment process often requires a good time management. Due to the limited resources available for the startups, it is very important that each process is well planned and time is used efficiently. Firstly, you have to do that work yourself, learn everything in details, and then look for the people who work in this direction. If you do not know what work he will do, you cannot find the right employee.

3. Find proactive, intelligent and effective candidates!

Employees who meet the specifications you are looking for are often easily available, and only the employees having these technical specifications can easily hold down on the job in large corporate companies. However, it is not enough for those who will work in a startup to have only the technical specifications. Along with these specifications, it is necessary to be smart, proactive and impressive. You should find versatile persons who can go out of his or her job description and work on the same level of enthusiasm in that field. Unfortunately, finding candidates with these specifications is not a one-time process. You need to add recruitment process into your weekly/monthly workflows instead of hiring one immediately.

So, how are such candidates determined? What should be asked in interviews?

The successes of the candidate until now, the most impressive projects and the greatest gains are the first questions to start and warm the conversation. Later on, how they spend a day on average, spend their time and what they have done in the last one year will include important tips. Go deeper into a particular area and ask them who they are in fact and what they actually do and what they want to do. Taking a risk for a successful project is easy, ask for a solution by creating a bad scenario about your project.

The right questions that you will ask will give you a good idea of effectiveness and being proactive. In general, you can also measure the ‘being smart’ condition at the end of a 1-hour conversation. Do not forget; a good interview is a pleasant conversation, but not an interview with questions-and-answers. If you do not learn anything from him/her at the end of the interview and if you are bored, you can put a cross next to the candidate’s name.

Finally, do not forget that most people that you recruit in startups and have only the technical specifications will work on a new idea instead of your idea in the first 3-6 months. But the proactive, effective and smart employees will adapt to your company and become part of your team.

4. Focus on the mission, not the sale.

In order to recruit a good employee, you need a good mission. Along with desiring to work with a great team, the candidates should believe in your mission. In other words, why they will choose you rather than the worldwide famous company? Therefore having a mission that excites people, that is, having a story makes the basis of the recruitment process. As a founder, you may think that everyone will be willing to work in your company; however, unfortunately no one is eager. You should make a lot of effort to get the candidates excited about your mission. Everyone you recruit must be in harmony with this mission and your company’s culture.

5. Remember that recruitment is a team work, too.

Take views of everyone in your team about the candidates with whom you made interviews. Organize interviews between your employees and the candidates even if they are short. It could be a lunch or coffee break. Include each employee in the recruitment process, so they will have experience in interviews. Remember that your team may not be the perfect HR specialist despite the fact they are excellent in their works. It will be useful to teach your employees how to make interviews with the employees, until you have a human resources department in your company.

6. Do not recruit.

Undoubtedly, it may be cool to say that x number of people work in my company. Because most people ask you how many employees you have. It should not be forgotten that companies generally work better when they are smaller.

Do not recruit people just in order to say that you have recruited. If you do not have any other remedy other than recruiting, hire him/her.

7. Focus on the right resources for the right employee!

Firstly, I suggest you to simply find potential candidates from your own network. The best candidate for a startup is your friends, finishing project members or even their friends. If you cannot find any candidates even from this neighbourhood, I should say that you should spend more time on this process. Let your priority be startup experience rather than corporate experience.

Often, overtime is required to find these qualified employees; because most good employees do not seek jobs. For this reason, do not limit your recruitments with those who look for work. Even prepare a pitching (short presentation) for them.

See employee search as a long term investment. At the end of this process, you can also think about giving shares to employees.

In addition to the known HR sites, you can give job notices to or select candidates from the following sites:

So, may it be easy! ‘Recruitment’ is a very difficult and exacting process, especially for the startups. Always create an impetus in your company and remember that this impetus may be constituted with a growing and self-renewing team.

Encourage the talents in this team and make sure they are happy. This is not so funny as dealing with new ideas, but it will make you more successful.

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