May 2016 was more exciting for a group of entrepreneurs.

These teams, which were accepted to Turkey’s first acceleration program, New Ideas New Jobs (Yeni Fikirler Yeni İşler), under scorching hot in Ankara, started with the Fundamentals of Lean Entrepreneurship training and passed through the Business Confirmation Processes with String Ventures Bootcamp. While a team, which realized after camping that they carried out a wrong pricing was excited by the increase in sales after raising their prices converting them from TL to USD and another team came out with a carbon dioxide filter product for the baby rooms in the program to which they initiated with the aim of carbon dioxide emission from the flue gases of the factories. YFYİ teams spent 4 months at ODTU (METU) TEKNOKENT every week, sweating in front of founder/investor mentors, and when they received feedback from the founders who passed through the same ways they got sophisticated about ‘pitching’.

The teams updating the investor presentations by repeating them over and over again found themselves in an endless run in order to blend their developing ideas with what they have learnt and test them on the end user.

Meeting with the executives of the leading companies such as Microsoft and Arçelik, and with YFYİ-graduate sponsor startups such as Bama Technology, BTech, Dentofast, Ebroşür, ISSD, Onedio and Waplog, they got the chance to present their business ideas to potential business partners and take feedbacks from them.

While days, weeks and months passed in the entrepreneurship adventures, which some people see as a bloody road and some see a vast sky with infinite opportunities, the YFYİ entrepreneurs reached at more and more customers, explored the potentials of commercialization and took feedbacks as many as possible in order to develop their ideas without fearing that their ideas might be stolen.

23 teams that successfully completed the process had the opportunity to make a presentation in DemoDay on 15 October before the entrepreneurship ecosystem of Turkey. The night before DemoDay everyone rehearsed under the lights of the stage, the excitement increased as the rehearsal got longer, but eventually all the teams were ready to face the audience.

23 spectacular teams who graduated from the YFYİ acceleration program and will direct the future took their places at the front side of the hall on DemoDay, which took place on October 15th, and the exciting waiting began.

While the vast energy of Metin Uca promoted the spectators, the entrepreneurs’ presentations were waited impatiently. After all, the entrepreneurial ecosystem is waiting for this moment, the future was being shaped on the scene!untitled-1

Supports were limited, dreams and things that could be done were unlimited. It was common motivation for everyone to go out and grab a check. In fact it was learned at the beginning of YFYİ period; DemoDay was just a small step. Although the big names that came out on stage told their personal stories, what they actually said was a common description: There is no such thing as failure in entrepreneurship. There are ‘believing in your dreams’, ‘constituting a good team to share your dreams’ and ‘going forward tirelessly’.

  • Elginkan Foundation Grand Prix IsıTeks
  • Elginkan Foundation USA Special Prize GBlock
  • Arçelik Grand Prix Talassa
  • Microsoft Grand Prix Wmedya Interactive
  • Defence Industry Grand Prix IsıTeks
  • Teb Grand Prix İndisera
  • Ostim Special Prize Momentum
  • ODTÜ (METU) TEKNOKENT Grand Prix Deplike
  • Onedio Advertisement Support Prize Planote
  • Onedio Advertisement Support Prize OTSİMO
  • Onedio Advertisement Support Prize Deplike
  • Beam Technology Prize Wmedya Interactive

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