New Ideas New Jobs (Yeni Fikirler Yeni İşler – YFYİ) is a rough acceleration program designed for entrepreneurs to quickly gain access to Product – Market Harmony.

Our Entrepreneurial Approach

We will not make a mistake if we say that our program is based on the words of Marc Andressen, one of the founders of Andreessen Horowitz “In a wonderful marketplace – full of lots of real customer candidates – the market takes the product from the initiative by force.” The fact that the “market in search” takes by force the first consistent product offered to it may provide benefit to the market, even if the product is not yet sound. From here, we can introduce our program that we have prepared and improved every year in 3 steps: Selection, Program (the section where we work most densely with the entrepreneurs), Graduation.


Since the market will take the product by force, then we also prioritize the market in our selections. Our primary criterion is that the addressed market will be that seeks, whether consciously or unconsciously, has a need that is still unmet and is in process of growing. The team that will realize the product that such a market would want to take by force is our second selection criterion. We consider everything else as the third priority.


Our program is based on the development of core competencies that will be used by entrepreneurs in entrepreneurial adventures, in the process of seeking product-market harmony in their current and future initiatives.

In the first step of the program, Product – Market Adaptation in Entrepreneurship Trainings, we share the basic knowledge about the search for this harmony and the initiative management approaches after the harmony is found.

In the second step, the founders are included in the 5-day bootcamp, which is designed with the design thinking approach. In the camping process, they experience how they will test their ideas both qualitatively and quantitatively in contact with real customers. It is normal for our entrepreneurs to change their business ideas that fail in the customer tests and test them for the 2nd or 3rd times within the camp program.


In Entrepreneurship Training and Bootcamp, we try to focus the entrepreneurs on the problem that was identified as narrowly and clearly as possible. This condition is indispensable for the initiative so that it can accelerate and continue to accelerate. Along with the other entrepreneurs targeting the same market, the large corporations also have eyes on that share. In this case, the team, which will access in the fastest way to the product that will satisfy the market when the time comes, will dominate the market. Due to the selection criteria of our program, our entrepreneurs are in pursuit of jobs that, unlike SMEs, will grow and accelerate at an increased rate instead of growing at a constant rate. If we think that what provides the increased speed is momentum, then it is clear that we can catch acceleration only with focus. To explain this situation with science, we can use Newton’s laws of motion. In the formula of a = F / m (Momentum = Net Force / Force-applied Mass), the force that can be created by the founders, who are at the beginning or at the austerity phases, is limited. The only thing that can be done here to increase momentum is to keep the mass, that is, the target customer segment as small as possible.



After training and bootcamps, due to their shrinking focuses, faster customer feedbacks can be received and progress can achieved, and also it will be possible to pass to the submarkets/other ideas very quickly. At this stage, our mentors support our entrepreneurs about guiding ideas that are like seeds which can be thrown away in the lightest wind. For a period of 5 weeks, the investors with experience of establishment and the experienced founders support their entrepreneurs by sharing their experiences.


At the end of 5 weeks of mentoring, the entrepreneurs come up before the jury with a short video and presentation. On the demo day, the entrepreneurs that will meet with the investors and potential customers are determined by the jury. The jury takes primarily into account the course of the team in the search process. The initiatives that have proceeded in the research process and have begun to reduce ambiguities are elected for in the final stages, although they have not found their direction exactly in the entrepreneurship adventure that is likened to chaos.

Entrepreneurs who are advanced to the final stage continue to receive mentorship and our trainings to develop their presentation competencies as well as management skills. Our entrepreneurs share their works that they carried out during the summer with the investors on the Demo day. Although we call it graduation, the main adventure actually starts after that. We support the founders who have graduated from YFYI program increasingly because they have become members of ODTÜ TEKNOKENT already. Self-sufficient, benevolent, open-to-cooperation founders and engineers have become a part of ODTÜ TEKNOKENT, Turkey’s best techno-city, and the best entrepreneurial ecosystem, where they will have the opportunity to work together.

Of course, it is the best for you to learn about our program and ODTÜ TEKNOKENT from the founders and the company owners but, we would like to share a few important achievements that were realized in 2016 by YFYİ graduates.

You can access to the invest news of V-Count, the enterprise of Kaan Kayabalı, one of the first entrepreneurs of YFYİ and already a serial entrepreneur from here, access the first purchase news of Google whose R&D was carried out in Turkey from here, access the investment news of OpsGenie whose R&D was carried out in ODTÜ TEKNOKENT from here and the new face of Elba HR, one of the TeknoJumpp program graduates, where the winners of the YFYİ category participated free of charge from here.

We have maintained YFYİ for 12 years where the entrepreneurs did not receive any money and shares only for one thing: Turkey will release its own billion-dollar entrepreneurs and this will be achieved by the crazy persons like you.

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