We can contribute sometimes to humanity, sometimes to society, sometimes to a smaller community, if we can control fear and excitement while we keep going on our way with the curiosity instinct.

If we are lost in fear, or if we are deprived of the emotion of excitement thinking of “Is there left an America to be discovered?”, then we are lost within the people watching the contributors.

Persisting instead of giving up in the face of failures, pursuing a dream we see, or not ignoring an idea that comes to our mind thinking that “it was done anyway” allows us to hold tighter on to the world we live in. When we go out on a journey of time and look at the earliest periods of humanity, we see great discoveries such as fire or twine, which lead us to the development of mankind and indeed the modern society of today.

The first example that comes to mind is the fire which contributed mankind to step into new age, whose historical process and contributions to the developments we have listened to since our childhood. Or the twine, of which we never think when we use in everyday life, is one of the first inventions of mankind. We’re talking about a history that lasts up to 200.000 B.C. The twine is an invention that reveals the greatest difference between mankind and other living things. While animals can use many tools in the survival struggle, human is the only living one who can use intrusive technology. The twine is also the first example of this technology. Thanks to the twine that is obtained in three stages, people have the opportunity to reach far away from their original location. Developing the hunting techniques and creating clothes came into existence thanks to twine. The first distant-range weapon was the bow that was produced from twine.

her_girisimci_bir_kasiftir_yazi_arasiWhen we go a little further on the journey and reach at the 19th century, we can come across another discovery that was found randomly and affected the whole world. At the beginning of the 1800’s, we witnessed the crazy parties called “laughing gas party” or “ether entertainment”. “Crawford Williamson Long (1815-1878), one of the participants of the ether parties, began to organize similar parties when he returned to a remote town of his hometown Georgia as a general practitioner after graduating from the University of Pennsylvania. When he realized that people were insensitive to the blows and injuries in these wild meetings, he thought that the ether could be used in medicine and immediately remembered his patient, James Venable. He applied several times to get two small tumors on his neck removed, but he gave up every time being afraid of the pain he would feel during surgery. Long persuaded his patient, who used ether in the party and is not stranger to this substance, to have surgery by smelling ether.” So, on March 30, 1842, the first ether-based operation was performed. Ether that was discovered randomly in crazy parties of that period is accepted as the first anesthetic application. Of course, we must first consider this discovery as one of the greatest discoveries in terms of health.

If we come to today’s world by riding our time machine, we can see that a 13-year-old girl finds the sweetest remedy of the world for the hiccups depressing all of us. We can say that the fact that we cause a flood of water in our stomach or hold our breath until our color changes or try tens of methods and we do not get a result is a common torture.

The 13-year-old Mallory Kievman also struggled to find a solution to this torture. And she found… She found a formula for cutting the hiccups thanks to a high alert by creating a lollipop made of sugar and apple vinegar. Kievman, who wanted to be a doctor in the future, not only became an inventor in the field of health but also acquired the title of the youngest CEO of the world thanks to the company she established in order to obtain the patent of lollipops, which she named as “Hiccupops”. Now, if we take all these examples into one frame and look at it from the other side, we should say that every reconnaissance and invention is actually a very good example of entrepreneurship.

When we consider the basic meaning of entrepreneurship, we confront with the meaning of “the person who systematically and consciously combines the sources and the production factors that he provided (nature, labor, capital) in order to produce and market a good or service, and envisages the possible damage when performing this activity”. In addition to the meaning of this term, we can pioneer big initiatives in the business world, even if it is a small genius for humanity with a brilliant idea (even if this idea had been realized before), when we feed our thoughts that come to our mind within the natural flow of the life with our research power and excitement caused by curiosity instinct. When social entrepreneurship and professional entrepreneurship go under this concept, we all need to extract the entrepreneur inside us in order to hold on to life more firmly.

If the idea has already been implemented by another entrepreneur, it should not stop us. We can give an example of this with two great inventors, which lead to the formation of groups divided into as the supporters of “Tesla” and supporters of “Einstein”. These two studies on radio waves constituted the most basic part of today’s technology. Of these two inventors who did not live in the same period, the fact that Tesla failed to get some unsuccessful results in some parts of his works and did not have an opportunity to complete his works opened the door to the other one (Einstein) in fact. Einstein’s activity in the academic circles helped him be much more productive than Tesla. Tesla was clever and hard-working, while Einstein was clever and sharing. Moreover, Einstein managed to put his stamp on history taking Tesla’s works as basis on the way he followed.

Considering these examples, so that the person with entrepreneur soul can say “eureka”, it is not necessary for the invention not to be discovered before. If it will become prominent among the examples that have come from past to today, it becomes the key to move it to success.

In other words, today, it is necessary to remember that all this armament started with a twine, and that we have reached at a completely different world with the stones placed on top of each other thanks to the intrusive technology used by the human mind. Perhaps the idea we have found may seem like an idea that will not affect the evolution of humanity. However, Long did not think that he would write his name to the medical world thanks to the substances he used, when he was a participant at the “laughing gas party”. Or Kievman did not estimate that she would be the youngest CEO of the business world with a lollipop. These names, bringing together the fear, stubbornness, and working discipline leaving behind their fears, succeeded in becoming the examples of entrepreneurship that became very popular today. If you have an entrepreneurial spirit, why do not you become the inventor of this century?

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