Month: September 2016


Everything is for Watt, My Darling

Air, water, fire and earth. In fact, the theory of four elements is not so bad; because each one reflects how we control our energy. Air and water return the mills of the past, and today’s wind and hydro turbines....

/ 26 September 2016

Leader in Turkey: ODTÜ (METU) TEKNOKENT

ODTÜ TEKNOKENT, Turkey’s leading organization in the field of entrepreneurship, develops programs that provide examples with its vision and ensure development of entrepreneurship ecosystem since its foundation.

/ 19 September 2016

YFYİ in 3 Steps: Selection, Program, Graduation!

New Ideas New Jobs (Yeni Fikirler Yeni İşler - YFYİ) is a rough acceleration program designed for entrepreneurs to quickly gain access to Product - Market Harmony.

/ 5 September 2016