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What is Start-Up?

The hipster investors who rediscover the toast, agencies established in a garden villa with the ambition to shake up the advertising world, or cafes sharing the name of 'Honeysuckle' (Hanımeli) which is opened throughout the country with the gas of...

/ 28 June 2016

5 Films You Have to Watch

Here is a giant service initiative from YFYİ YFYİ (Yeni Fikirler Yeni İşler – New Ideas New Works)! We sat down, researched, discussed, agreed, and found five watchable films for you.

/ 28 June 2016

A Rejection Therapy

I dashed off emails of my rejection attempts each day to a couple friends to keep me on track. They’ve been tweaked for readability. Hope you find them interesting and they inspire you to give this a shot.

/ 27 June 2016