Category: Growth Strategies


Starting Up Towards Success

The word ‘’start-up’’ nowadays seems to be the most extravagant and eye-catching word in the world of technology, a word with fashionable flair in the real sense of the word.

/ 18 April 2017

Last call: Entrepreneurship Boarding?

In the age of information in which technology is thumping, the geographical location and agricultural wealth do not make much sense or let’s say, as much as in the past.

/ 13 February 2017

There And Back Again: DemoDay 2016

These teams, which were accepted to Turkey’s first acceleration program, New Ideas New Jobs (Yeni Fikirler Yeni İşler), under scorching hot in Ankara, started with the Fundamentals of Lean Entrepreneurship training and passed through the Business Confirmation Processes with String...

/ 16 November 2016

Every Entrepreneur is, in fact, an Explorer

We can contribute sometimes to humanity, sometimes to society, sometimes to a smaller community, if we can control fear and excitement while we keep going on our way with the curiosity instinct.

/ 29 August 2016

Your Idea is Ready, Time to Apply?

As you will understand from the headline of our blog post, we will share with you how you will accomplish a successful application process.

/ 15 July 2016