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Starting Up Towards Success

The word ‘’start-up’’ nowadays seems to be the most extravagant and eye-catching word in the world of technology, a word with fashionable flair in the real sense of the word.

/ 18 April 2017

Step Forward for T-BİGG

In this article, we had a chance to talk with Ramadan Sardar, who has established ARES Inovasyon by T-BİGG program, which is a TÜBİTAK Support Program for young entrepreneurs.

/ 4 April 2017

4 Big Mistakes Every Entrepreneur Should Make

Most of us are afraid of making mistakes. So are the founders. It is certain that you have faced one of the thousands of articles telling for what mistakes the Start-Ups have failed.

/ 6 January 2017

5W1H of Recruitment in Startups

Undoubtedly, recruitment is one of the most important problems of the startups having problems such as funding, technology development and sales. Because if you cannot create a team that works well and has an entrepreneurial spirit, you probably cannot be...

/ 15 December 2016

Your Idea is Ready, Time to Apply?

As you will understand from the headline of our blog post, we will share with you how you will accomplish a successful application process.

/ 15 July 2016
Startup Stock Photos

What is Start-Up?

The hipster investors who rediscover the toast, agencies established in a garden villa with the ambition to shake up the advertising world, or cafes sharing the name of 'Honeysuckle' (Hanımeli) which is opened throughout the country with the gas of...

/ 28 June 2016

A Rejection Therapy

I dashed off emails of my rejection attempts each day to a couple friends to keep me on track. They’ve been tweaked for readability. Hope you find them interesting and they inspire you to give this a shot.

/ 27 June 2016